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On October 2nd 1987, Josh was born the son of a naturopath, Ute, and the shaman and meditation teacher, Thomas, in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

He had an unusual but enriching childhood that formed his unique personality. By the age of two, he had already seen the inside of a GDR jail. It was only for one day and for a harmlesss reason; his father was shooting an unauthorized short film.

At nine, Josh’s father moved him to a farmhouse in the countryside, and enrolled him in a Montessorri school. It was there that Josh first became involved in the drama world.


His first play was a war comedy about soldiers, home from war, hanging out at a bar. The play didn’t make much sense, but it was nevertheless celebrated as a great success at the pacifist school.

At 16, Josh decided to move to Berlin alone, where he did a voluntary social year (FSJ), working with children and the handicapped, before graduating from the University of Applied Science a a social welfare major.

His most difficult role: Heidi Klum


Josh has always been driven to make positive change in the world.His personal dream, however, was to train with monks in Asia and so he bought a plane ticket. Then after thousands of bowls of rice, and hours of training, he moved back to Berlin and entered the film business.


He had his first shooting experience in the Til Schweiger film “1 1/2 Knights” alongside stunt coordinator Volkhart Buff. He also took his first steps on stage, since his Montesorri days, at a small off-theater performance directed by Joachim Stargard.


But the most difficult role he ever played in a German theater was at the Deutsche Theater in Berlin, where he shaved his legs to play Heidi Klum.


The Berlin based Talent Agent Anke Balzer, found Josh in 2011 and immediately saw the value of a tireless performer capable of acting and fighting. Anke, whom Josh affectionately calls his “007,” is still his agent today.


In 2014 and 2016, Josh worked all year round as a fight designer for the Netflix sci-fi series “Sense 8,” helmed by the creators of the Matrix. In Sense 8 season 2, Josh also became part of the cast.


In 2020, Josh landed a role in MATRIX 4, and worked in California as an actor for the first time.


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